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I mainly work with engobe and lustre. This allows me to present form and haptics in the best possible way. I love working with clay that is representative even without any addition of glaze or colour. So I am always looking for possibilities in the surface structure and to maintain the closeness of the support material.

The objects should draw the eye back, let it linger and create peace and harmony.

The colouring on the outside has above all the task

of making the rather hidden structure and beauty of the clay and the dynamics of the wheelrotation visible and to give the object a colour connected to the earth. 


Sibylle Brüngger Keramik produces functional ceramics that satisfy today's requirements at home and in gastronomy. 

The right vessel, makes the meal an experience.


The vases are partly intended as such, but often come as pure objects.

I love them in clusters or in groups of three.

With the vases, I follow the material and like to be guided intuitively. 


Handmade ceramics is passion and awaken emotions. 

Each piece is distinctive and follows the law of one of a kind. 


whenever possible, I use clay from the surrounding area (Switzerland / Germany).

All clay residues are recycled and reprocessed in my own studio to minimise the impact on the environment. As far as possible, I work toxin-free, any leftovers are disposed of in hazardous waste. Packaging is made of recycled material as far as possible and is environmentally friendly.